by Appalachian Terror Unit

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    "The long-anticipated first full length LP from West Virginia mountain punks Appalachian Terror Unit is upon us. [Seven] raging tracks of angry crust punk with crushing riffs and (mainly) female vocals. They have shed one guitar player since their EP, making for a much more raw and organic sounds (more rock and less thrash). Both musically and lyrically the best comparison I can conjure up is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath meets Nausea’s Extinction LP (original mix). One of the most raw and intense musical experiences Profane Existence has released in a long time!

    “Greenwashing: The unjustified appropriation of environmental virtue by a company, an industry, a government, a politician or even a non-government organization. Using more money, time and energy on slick PR campaigns aimed at promoting their eco-friendly images, than they do to actually protecting the environment.”

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released July 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Appalachian Terror Unit Huntington, West Virginia

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Track Name: They're All The Fucking Same
They're All The Fucking Same!

Another election year will pass just as fucked as the last
Control through fear instills apathy
How many will die this year in their wars
This shits not just gonna stop in another four

It's deeper that Bush family lies and electoral stunts
Americas eyes must be blind to the democratic lie
Its not just gonna stop in another four

Four more years of grinding against the wheel
Four more years is four more years
Fo matter whos in control its the control i fear
Because four more years is four more years
Track Name: By Bullet and By Bomb
Following blindly like moths to a flame
The sheep will follow shepherds false claims
Holy soldiers killing for the cross
The will of god spread by bullet and by bomb

Brainwashed by faith from birth until death
Suicide bombers send the innocent to rest
Clerics of Allah theirs blood on your hands
A shattered region with blood in the sands

Times of desperation serve as a catalyst for manipulation of the mind
while fundamentalist parasites plague human kind
Filling their pockets to the gunfire’s sound are the very ones who claim
the so called higher moral ground
A ground soaked in blood built on fear and lies. Wealth and power for
the few as they send their followers to die
Control through fear of the divine, priests profits and gods are nothing
more than oppressors of the mind
The people follow blindly trading freedom of thought and expression
for extremism and segregation
War is the symptom and capitalism is the disease. Keep us all frightened
to keep us on our knees.
By mass producing weapons and manipulation through religion creates
more profit for a fucked up system

Brain washed soldiers die in rich mans war
While oil executives count money behind closed doors
Billions spend on the gulf war funds
While healthcare and education plans are cut
Yet the pawns keep fighting
So politicians and priests
Can bask in their oil money
While the poor die in the streets
Track Name: Let's Take the Fight to Them

How long will these parasites try to recruit punks
Their is no room in or scene for these nazi fucks
Spreading their racist views through lies and deceit
The time has come to clean up the streets
No more fence sitting for the sake of the herd
Our actions will silence their poisoned words
Rally young warriors keep the fascist in check
Watch em choke on their vomit as they swing from their necks

We may get arrested
or beaten down
but we cant let nazis roam in our towns
Confront them in the bars and on the streets
because only through confrontation can the fascist be beat

"Thou shall not be a victim"
"Thou shall not be a perpetrator"
"And above all else"
"Thou shall not be a bystander!"

If we do nothing
Then things get worse
Anti-fascist unite before its too late
Unite right now and reject their hate
If we do stand
and hold our ground
We can send a message to racists world wide
That says all power to all people and fascism must die!
Track Name: SAGO

Widowed wives and fatherless children
Are what comes from unsafe conditions
Its happened too many, too many times
How many will die while working in the mines

When clean energy is cleaner and easily achieved
Yet the coal barrens get rich as the earth bleeds

Ignoring the safety of workers and families in grief
Those with lost loved ones will show no relief
Until the people of Appalachia rise as one
And view our oppressors through the barrels of guns

No longer sitting back as they destroy our lives and our culture
We will do everything we can to slay the coal vulture

The tables will turn
as sure as the sun will rise in the east

We will take back our mountains
and reclaim our streets

Burn down their mansions
and smash their machines

Giving new life
to our once poisoned streams

Then we will drag the bastards
from their ivory towers

Watch then beg for their life’s
in their final hour

But down with king coal
and off with his head

Will be the only shouts heard
as we avenge our dead
Track Name: Legalize or Die
Befoul the earth and lock up those who discard the lie
So tell those politicians to legalize or die!!!

Another form of draconian oppression
That millions have been arrested for possession
Non-Violent offenders are drug war victims
Locked behind bars as slaves to the system

1920s media and business tycoon William Randalf Hurst, and Dupont, creators of the synthetic materials rayon and nylon were facing severe financial loss to the natural hemp alternatives to rope paper and cloth, thus began the intense media smear campaign lead by Hurst.
Propaganda portraying pot smokers as mindless zombies ready to steal your children.
Once the public was frightened enough, Hurst moved on to congress. meanwhile duponts main source of finance, Andrew Mellon, head of the Mellon
Bank, appoints Henry Aslinger head of the federal bureau of narcotics.
Nearly all Aslingers testimony before congress was built off of Hurst's non scientific one sided newspaper articles failing to ever mention the positive aspects of hemp including its medical benefits.
He declared before congress that marijuana is the most violence causing drug of all time.

Befoul the earth and lock up those who discard the lie!
Fuck the politicians!
Legalize or die!

Another form of draconian oppression
That millions have been arrested for possession
Non-Violent offenders are drug war victims
Locked behind bars as slaves to the system

The us government begins spraying the toxic poison paraquat on cannabis crops.
This products use was even discouraged for this use by its manufacturer the chevron corporation.
Exposure results in severe respiratory and internal damage and ultimately death.
Regan with his just say no campaign, regarding the questioned use of paraquat replied
"Marijuana is an illegal and harmful drug. If you don't use it, you don't have to worry about it"
Track Name: Cast Aside
Cast Aside

The united states is home to some of the most advanced medical technology in the world, but only to those who can obtain such a luxury.
Due to privatization, nearly a quarter of the population has little to no possibility of receiving the care every being deserves.
The reality of poverty is an insufficiency to what little care is available, and that’s if you can even get past the barriers the system creates.
Healthcare is a means to further the gap between the rich and the poor, being nothing more than a product to be bought and sold as opposed to be held as the fundamental right of everyone.
The ability to heal is vital in everyone’s life and to deny that to someone because of their monetary or social status is a reflection of the deep wounds the system inflicts on man woman and child.

Outside the world of power and wealth
People survive through compromised decision
Faces not figures with loved ones, and passions
Burdened with the choice of health or starvation

The issue is so vast its hard to expose
a simple example of basic human need
No longer noble is the ability to heal,
its not just the people's, but the systems disease.

Inside the world of power and wealth
Deaf to the cries of the children in need
The figures don’t add up but their answer is simple
Suppress the symptoms but never cure the disease
Track Name: Greenwashing
Spending more time and money to create a veil of green to hide corporate greed
Than actually investing efforts to minimize their poisonous impact
Convincing people they are working towards change costs billions to achieve
But they're willing to spend the money to get us to buy their things

Resist the fallacies we are dealt and take back our lives
In the name of the earth before the impending annihilation of all kind

Taking advantage of peoples want to live pollution free
Or convincing the rest to buy up, sit back and let the elite fix everything
The majority of these companies don’t change a thing about their production
It’s a PR campaign to push their corruption

Resist the fallacies we are dealt and take back our lives
In the name of the earth before the impending annihilation of all kind

Car companies such as Toyota try to portray themselves as green yet continue to lobby against fuel efficiency standards.
This is all while funding a billion dollar PR campaign to convince the public of their conscientious ideals.
Chemical companies such as DOW and their human element campaign is a slap in the face to the thousands upon thousands of people and animals their products poison, like the pesticide dbcp and the infamous Agent Orange.
Their merge with Union Carbide inherits them the Bhopal India industrial disaster that’s trauma and sickness continues to this day.
The bombardment of earthy commercials and the push for the lie of clean coal.
Claiming that destroying more mountains is the answer to the thirst for energy consumption.
Or oil companies like BP renaming themselves “Beyond Petroleum” all the while backing the Bush administration plan to expand drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge.

This is a new generation of superficial environmentalism through advertisement
Never stomach their devious attempts to make you live comfortable and guilt free
And never except their agenda of blind consumerism and complacency
Submissive advertising will always be their answer to everything

Resist the fallacies we are dealt and take back our lives
In the name of the earth before the impending annihilation of all kind

The future of the planet and all it's living things
So fragile is the balance, and soon the bird no longer sings
The market mockery of all that’s at stake
Their greed shall seal our fate
Refuse and resist one of the greatest schemes of all time
In the name of the Earth before the impending annihilation of all kind
Track Name: Faith (final warning cover)
Religion is war, War is religion
Killing for profit, Profits the system