Black Sands

by Appalachian Terror Unit

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Appalachian terror unit-Black sands.

Unjust & unwanted wars, poverty, prisons for profit and now cyberspace censorship…unholy fuck, there is some crazy shit happening right now, and luckily some bands are willing to take a stand against it! Appalachian Terror Unit are a West Virginia anarcho punk band who create music that gives a voice to the downpressed humans worldwide. Sometime in the near future, ATU will be releasing their Black Sands 7″ via Profane Extistence. This record will not disappoint – 4 songs that clock in over 13 minutes, packed with awesome metallic riffs and lyrics that bring home issues we all should have on our minds. What’s so on point about this band is that they are the total fucking package; not only do they incite change on the lyrical tip, but the music they lay down is so epic. ATU are able to balance all of the influences of metal, crust and punk with pure passion and conviction, which makes their songs dig deeper into your mind. On their title track, “Black Sands,” they have this riff that is dipped in caustic empathy, that screams just as loud as both vocalists and gets your braincells spazzing out on some revolution brainwaves. This band composes tunes that are laced with righteous fury that will stand the test of time. Fuck the powers that be, ATU are a band that represents the truth how I see it, and they manifest what the world needs to hear if the planet has any chance of sticking around. What I just can’t get over is their mammoth songwriting. When you hear “The End Of Complacency,” it fucking bleeds with the anger of the have nots, but at the same time it packs so much angst that’s directed at the truly wicked, you can’t help but get hyped. Damn, I’ve got to give the drummer some, on every track the warrior beat is alive and well. Ever since I heard this band years ago, I have been impressed with the dual vocals, and nothing has changed – I’m still into the vocal delivery on this 7″. If Black Sands could transform into a weapon, it would destroy those who have been taking advantage of us for their own profits. Appalachian Terror Unit are not terrorists, they are our freedom fighters – let’s all stand with them in unity, the world is ours!
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released August 1, 2011

Released in 2011 on Profane Existence Records.



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Appalachian Terror Unit Huntington, West Virginia

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Track Name: Shocked, shackled, and hanged.
Shivering as wind whips through the bars
Feces matted and branded with so many scars
Ripped from the womb raised by machines so cold
Am I just another product to be bought and sold

Do they not know the horrors we endure
How can they just ignore our suffering
Why do they not share this world
What kind of existence is this

Encrusted are my eyes that hold so much from lifetime of pain
Bound now to be shocked shackled and hanged
By the back legs you know and then comes the knife
Tortured from birth to death this is my life

Do they not know the horrors we endure
How can they just ignore our suffering
Why do they not share this world
What kind of existence is this
Track Name: The End Of Complacency
As the sun starts to set in a western sky, we choke on the smoke from a sea of fire
A pelican struggles covered in oil, as we pour more toxins into the soil
A child in Sudan suffers from dehydration, while giant corporations push for water privatization
Angola is raped for its its oil reserves, the natives cry out but we are deaf to their words
Warplanes fly over the innocents heads, maimed survivors pray for death in hospital beds
Spouting lies that blessed are the meek, another priest molests because his flesh is weak
Corrupt judges dine with ceos, making deals behind closed doors it's the way that it goes
A farce media keeps us in line with fear, reports only reflecting the interest of our puppeteers

Your told if you fight back you'll be rewarded with a cell or a vengeful god might drag you down to hell
But I'll say fuck you to religion and capitalism is a disease, I spit in the face of your army and police

Religious fundamentalist push back gay rights, Fascist gangs attack immigrants in front of our eyes
The border states are passing stricter laws trying to break apart mexican american homes
Burmese villagers bury their dead thanks to chevron's money that keeps the junta fed.
The school of America's is training assassins the state department funds blackwaters actions
The FBI labels the E.L.F. as a terrorist group, While the USA supports gunning down Palestinian youth
When a child is murdered and becomes a martyr its no wonder that a mother becomes a suicide bomber
But we are taught to be patriotic and give our support indoctrinated by lies since the day we are born
Pharmaceutical companies tighten the hold keeping us in front of the tv set where our identity is sold

Your told if you fight back you'll be rewarded with a cell or a vengeful god might drag down you to hell
But I'll say fuck and your power to hell with all the greed, I would rather die in the streets the take part in your schemes

Some how we subconsciously ignore what's reality
and live lifestyles that sell out our humanity
For a safe suburban home or an apartment in the town
with a pint after work to wash your sorrows down
Its easy ignore the suffering when you cant hear their screams
easy to ignore the outside world when your in front of a screen
Confined within the walls of apathy locked in our self made chains
we want do make a difference but do we really want to change

This constant rein of terror will not always last
the more they try push us the more we will push back

Their empires will crumble, and they will will crumble beneath the feet.
Of a unified resistance taking back the streets.
The day people are united and remove the blinders from their eyes
will be the day we can say that imperialism died
Track Name: Lost in the Darkness
You thought you could control it but we knew you lost your shit
When you started ripping off your friends to get your next hit
You betrayed the ones that tried to shelter the storm
Now your lost in the darkness with no sight of the dawn

Death rides behind you
his scythe is the needle in your arm
Don't speak to me of freedom
when your veins are shattered and torn

Lost in the darkness
what a fucking waste

With every prick
you dance on the end of a sword
Another slave to the needle
another corpse in the morgue

Lost in the darkness
what a fucking waste
Track Name: Black sands
In a world of self indulgence where we each played our hand
now the disease spreads form the seas and washes back to the sands
But its just the tip of a melting iceberg a foreclosure of our doom
yet humanity continues to dance and refuses to change the tune

On polluted shores
The people cry in vain
In the toxic waters
Wildlife dies in pain

First they pollute the water
then they set the oceans ablaze
Giving those that call it home
a choice to suffocate in the plumes or die in the flames
Yet the madmen that created this cycle
continue to prosper and are allowed to be free
Why the rest of us are subject to media blackouts
never knowing the true scope of the poisons at sea

Never to be the same are the oceans we loved
A vast toxic dump where the fish swim in sludge
As disasters continue there will be no place to hide
We might as well fill up our glasses and drink of the tide

The longer that I live
the more Im sickened by what I see
We live in a world thats paralyzed
in the clutches of industry
Politicians have their heads up their asses
always searching for quick solutions
Because not one of them have the balls
to actually stand against pollution

Come gather round on the oily black sands
bow down on you knees to embrace deaths cold hand
And be you reminded as the dead wash on the beach
this is the true face of oil and the company that it keeps