Split EP with Oi Polloi

by Appalachian Terror Unit

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Recorded in 2009. Released in 2011.

United States Pressing-Profane Existence- profanexistence.com
European Pressing- Nikt Nic Nie Wie- www.nnnw.pl


released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Appalachian Terror Unit Huntington, West Virginia

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Track Name: Judgmental, Ignorant, Stupid and Blind.
Another day the temperature changes from the results of global warming
Yet last year we sent over 8 billions tons of carbon monoxide into the air
Half the nation tricked by the medias greenwashing scam
Even though we know that clean coal is just another sham
We still ignore the facts that extinction rates are soaring
And we still ignore the facts that Darfur region is starving
In Sub-Saharan Africa over 60% of all people are living with HIV
and all America seems to care about is their collapsing economy

Those with power do nothing but abuse it
The element of greed destroys all humanity
And leaves the majority of the population
Judgmental ignorant stupid and blind

How many centuries we will allow religion to be an excuses
to judge to oppress to rape and kill and torture and abuse
From homophobic preachers to the knights of the Ku klux klan
You're the scum of the earth you stupid fucks fuck every view you have
Weapons manufactures should be swinging in the gallows high
Is money really worth making the weapons that cause the innocent to die
Another child becomes a slave to work in a diamond mine
Most people don't even give a shit to think beyond their plastic fucking lives

Those with power do nothing but abuse it
The element of greed destroys all humanity
And leaves the majority of the population
Judgmental ignorant stupid and blind
Track Name: We Will Continue to Break the Law and Destroy Property Until We Win
We don't want their fucking logging trucks
And we won't be caught eating genetic crops.
We wont be sick off their pesticides.
And we won't stand for another fucking coal mine.
One of the best ways to fight the good fight
Is by monkey wrenching in the night
The bastards only care about their profits
So let's hit them in their wallets.

Stand together and bite them back
Break their laws when it's time to attack

They call us eco terrorist and threats to national security
So cover your tracks and maintain anonymity
To those that get caught and locked in a cell
We will never forget that you’re unjustly jailed
Civil disobedience and unrest in the streets
Will be the calling cards that demand your release.
So lets free all E.L.F. prisoners and the A.L.F. ones too
Because they fought for the planet and so should you
Track Name: Meat Punks
-How many must be slaughtered? So that the selfish can eat, without any consideration,
-For the animal dead on their plate. They say its just fucking food but we all know the difference
-Between food and meat all it takes is a simple choice to say no to murder.

Maybe its time to look inside and ask yourself
Do you want to be associated with this mass genocide?

If you look into the eyes of a cow or pig you can the see the same spark of life that you could see in any other creature. You can see that these animals feel fear and understand pain and suffering. You can live a heathy life without eating meat because there are veggie alternatives!

-Over 40 million people die each year from mass starvation. Yet will still continue to over feed our livestock.
-When that food could feed us all. Its a simple question of morality if you don't go veg for the animals then do it for the humans.

It is estimated that 50 billion animals are slaughtered each year so the selfish can eat their meat and that every person noble enough to adapt to a vegetarian or vegan life style save the lives of about 95 animals per year. So where do you stand are part of the solution are part of the problem. do you know that facts and still feed on the slaughtered? Do the skeletons of the dead swim in your belly. If so then wake up you selfish slob a grow a fucking conscious.