We Don't Need Them

by Appalachian Terror Unit

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released August 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Appalachian Terror Unit Huntington, West Virginia

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Track Name: Banners Over the Wasteland
Banners Over the Wasteland

Awaken to this world
And it's harsh reality
Innocent people suffer
The powerful do as they please

Parasitic in nature humans devour their host
Exploiting all in sight today we thrive but we will be tomorrows ghost
Leaving bombed out civilizations cities where nothing's left
But a nations banner flowing over barren lands that carry the stench of death

Hate bigotry and greed
War after bloody war
Starvation violence and disease
Slaughter without remorse

No escape from the nightmares in a bleak world of misery
The unrelenting shroud of greed endlessly infects humanity
Leaders lust for power people trampled under their heels.
Slaves to build their empires soldiers for the battlefields

They Control the media twisting your mind
Images of patriotism and national pride
Poison tongues to sow political lies
The misinformation divides

Children are born as slaves
Innocents in blood stained graves
People left to fend for themselves
Without compassion from anywhere else
Outstretched hands reach for sun
Cursing a god that will never come

Happy soldiers on TV leave us blind to the face of war
Nothing but violence and hate now and forever more
How many of these conquest how many games of death
Until we unleash the nukes and the world can start over fresh

So much destruction will we ever know peace
Will we stand on our feet or live on our knees
Existing in silence the cycle repeats
Until we raise our voice and say enough is enough is enough is enough
Track Name: Blind Acceptance
Blind Acceptance
“We run everything. We control the police. We control the military. Every politician is our puppet. War is not just big business it's our business. We profit from military spending and defense manufacturing. We collect the spoils of war, its up to you to fill the graves. Our industries may wreak havoc on the environment but it fills our coffers. So it's a necessity. Why should we care if some of the lesser folk suffer?”

“Every single person is being monitored. We see to that. There are five hundred thousand Surveillance cameras in London alone. We are always watching. We own the Internet. Every phone call, every text, every online post is recorded in our database. We know everything about you from your spending habits to the places you hang out. We can track you through your bankcard, your cell phone, your motor vehicle. You leave a trail of data with each step.”

“We are the ones that run your schools. You learn what we allow to learn. It would not suit us any other way. We own the media. We spread misinformation to keep the people confused and separated. Most of you care more about your favorite television show or sports team then what’s going on in the real world. For those that try to see between the lines we have a pill for that, for those that speak out, a prison. Be it through ignorance, fear, or apathy we control each and every one of you and we have you right where want you.”

One life to live under corporate control
To work and consume to fill in a role
Too complacent to notice you’re living a lie
Identity created by the products that you buy
Idolizing sports heroes and models in magazines
Dream about being famous on a television screen
Don't realize we are all victims of the class war
Taught to elevate the rich and hate each other for being poor

Fuck all their money to hell with the lies
It shouldn’t be business as usual we suffer and die

“From arms manufacturers to factory farms, pharmaceutical companies to car and heavy machinery makers, political lobbyists and energy giants. Monsanto provides 90% of the worlds GMO crops, whose health effects remain unknown, while Tepco in Japan dodges responsibility for nuclear material spilled into the Pacific Ocean. They are like Chevron who dumps billions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the Ecuadorian Amazon while refusing to clean up or compensate for what they have done. Caterpillar creates machines that rip apart the face of the earth and devour it from the inside out while the people at Koch industries fund climate change denial and dominate the American political landscape.”

We live in a consumer culture that can't sustain itself
Yet we race to purchase every product on the shelf
Generating trash without a second thought
Landfills grow in size with everything that's bought
Vivisectors force dogs to smoke cigarettes
Thousands die in Wal-mart sweatshops in Bangladesh
Impoverished nations see a rise in infanticide
Bee die off directly linked to Monsanto's pesticides
Track Name: Officer Down / Warehousing Prisoners
Officer Down-
Agents of the state paid to reinforce the status quo
Armed with a gun and a badge we know the real foe
Murder goes unquestioned at the hands of the pigs
Protected by our own blind obedience and the comfort that it brings

Fuck your authority and the power you misuse
May you forever be haunted by those you've abused
The father you shot the protesters you maced
The kids you abused the women you’ve raped

Too much power given leads to countless stories of abuse
It wasn’t long ago American police tactics included a noose
Try to run and end up with a state issued bullet in the back
Try to resist in the streets and batons give your head a crack

Fucking mob mentality from the flock's of pig sheep
That continue to bring violence to once peaceful streets
It will take more then your batons to keep us in line
We will make it rain bricks on the two-legged swine

Don’t we pay their fucking salary don’t we deserve more respect
Something we will never get because it’s the rich they protect
Privilege above the rest will always lead their hearts to corruption
Your day will come you will feel the full fucking wrath of our liberation

No more will you beat and unjustly arrest
Profile and discriminate those you've sworn to protect
Your very existence feeds my unrest
You might just end up with two holes in your chest

Warehousing Prisoners-
Squash youth rebellion by declaration of war on decent
A war on drugs really means the militarization of the police state
Fueled by racialized moral panic at the pleasure of the conservative right
Mass incarceration for profit, dehumanization for control over the fight

Police harassment becomes basic procedure
The puppets of powerful ideologues with a clear-cut agenda
Profit margins blossom with the construction of every prison tower
Nonviolent offenders, prisoners of war, strip searched and showered

Stop and frisk searches and street interrogations
Operating on some higher moral authority that welcomes racism
But they call it police discretion, a hunch or plain intuition
A refusal to look at structural inequality keeping us on our knees

“Warehousing prisoners an adapted form of slavery. Equal rights framed as a threat to white men’s job security.
Contrived by that good old boy southern strategy, “law and order” code for legal murder of community.
Mandatory minimums with sentencing disparity in federal prisons, while hot shit stockbroker’s blow lines in beachfront condominiums”

Divide the underclass and pit them against each other
Ongoing strangulation of community organization
In an era of desperation and mass unemployment
The prison population stagers at the lobbyist’s enjoyment

Corporate news media crafts visual scare tactics to be sure people fall in line
The perfect centerpiece for any power grabbing politicians campaign prime time
The United States is home to the largest prison population in the world
Entire neighborhoods under siege as the prison industrial complex feeds
Track Name: Casualties of a Rape Culture
The weight of normalized sexism. Pretend it doesn’t exist.
But rape is still used as a tactic of war, and you still control my sister with your fist.
Breast feeding is an obscene act to be hidden while rape jokes are supposedly funny and if they are not your uptight.
Validate us, “Hey you’re a pretty good whatever for a girl”.
Trivialize our story and even condone violence inflicted.
Sick of hearing girls be told how to behave to not get raped.
Victim blaming an automatic response like its every girls fate.
You’re a slut if you fuck and a prude if you don’t.
Instilled with a sense of inferiority to remove prospect of pleasure.
“Bitch” code for practicing any necessary self-assertion.
No I don’t want preform for every man I pass on the street.
Can’t have a day without hearing “Hey baby give me a smile”.
Made to feel guilty for being harassed like I did something wrong.
So fucking sick of being talked over and ignored.
Women locked away in dungeons for fighting back.
Striped from the natural world severing the cord.
Daughters kidnapped and married off to please old men their toys replaced with tears and blood.
An expectation of behavior little girls measuring self-worth on plastic and airbrushed idols.
Sick of being made to feel inferior.
Sick of having to fight to have a voice.
Gender-set limitations diminishing our human worth.
Conveniently substitute the word sex for rape something 1 in every 5 women face.

You were drinking, so what did you expect
Maybe not to be treated like a fucking object

Instead of support, a total interrogation
Must have knowingly emitted some flirtation

What did you do to cause your own assault?
Obviously it was your fashion senses fault

Questions about YOUR choices, not the rapist
Making pathetic excuses for an act so heinous

Doubt because she didn’t report it to the cops
But it’s not like they do anti-rape special ops

Most often just humiliate or mistreat the victim
Another deep root of our patriarchal system

Blaming the sufferer nearly as violent as the assault itself
Expected to put those feelings away on the back shelf

Have your own friends doubt you when you need them most
Not to be dragged and tied to the verbal whipping post

Or how about being just totally ignored
People figure you made it up, you must be bored

He wouldn’t do that, or just hey fuck it I like his band
Hey maybe no one will notice, after all they have a tour planned

Use a tool like social media to gain some power and voice
Then threatened with more violence because you made a choice

Trying to break free from the chains of silence and blame
Only to be met with more frustration and shame

Sisters of the world we will never be quiet,
We have a voice we will not drown in the silence

We have to stick together we have to fight back
No more violence no more attacks
Track Name: It's Time to Cut the Shit!
Its time to cut the shit.

Restricted by our own insecurities
Life of struggle against one another
When we really should be encouraging abilities
Lines of division only serve the oppressor
We in-fight when we should be fighting to unite
So much wasted breath so much wasted energy
When we dig in and work together
Revolutionary change is within our reach

Running in circles look for a way out trapped in a web of insecurity and doubts
Anger misled words come out wrong to often left feeling frustrated and misunderstood
Thoughts kept inside that should have been shared let down by friends that should have been there
Silence is death I wont drown in the crowd I must be myself I wont give up the fight
Track Name: We Don't Need Them
We Don’t Need Them
Catastrophic man-made disasters caused by industry
Species wiped extinct trampled under the boot of humanity
Colossal towers dominate the landscape that once was green
Nuclear radiation destroying life in oceans once pristine
Acid rain showers form above our heads
While toxic factory runoff leaches into watersheds
We continue to over populate in numbers we can't sustain
Leaving a barren wasteland for future generations to claim

Reduce mountains to rubble strip-mine the earth
Frack all the land and drill through the dirt
Poison the lakes and poison the streams
Poison the rivers that washout to sea
These aren't just lyrics with bleak imagery
But problems we've created by taking more then we need
Yet we continue to swindle from resources overspent
It's hard to view mankind without utter contempt

How the fuck did we let it get to this state
Where we knowingly jeopardize the ecosystem for shit we create
Exploiting the natural balance for lives of comfort and convenience
So much for being sophisticated animals with a higher intelligence
Destroying the symbiotic relationships life forms have always shared
Will open the doors of the future to a dystopian nightmare
We are not the only species that have the right to exist
The more humans prosper the more we forfeit

Grass between our toes warm sun on our skin
Clean water to drink and air to breathe in
Trees that reach to the sky healthy soil to sow
Sunshine and rain give crops life to grow
The song of the birds travels free in the wind
Howls of the wolf signal the days end
We've taken for granted the circle of life
If we can't all coexist then it all dies

Consumed by greed and blinded by wealth
Arrogant fuckers only think for themselves
Trample over anything that gets in the way
Leaving behind a scorched earth in decay
Scientific advancements used to commit genocide
When the bombs fall there will be nowhere to hide
Middle eastern children murdered by drones
First world lines up to by the newest mobile phone

Politicians owned by relentless industry
Of money hungry bastards who only care for productivity
Pageant elections see who’s more apt for the camera
As winds of sorrow circulate to ring in a new era

Proof of climate change that industry denies
Green washing campaigns to help spread their lies
When every politician can be bought for a fee
Laws will always serve the corporate elite

“We can build our own communities, free of abusive police officers that only serve their own interest and those of the rich. We can save ourselves; we don't need religious con artists to offer salvation in an afterlife that doesn't exist, while at the same time imposing hate filled sexist homophobic hysteria. We can grow our own food free of artificial ingredients and pesticides. No more politicians speaking for us while ignoring what we have to say, selling us out at every turn. No more coal, oil, and gas corporations destroying the ecosystems that we hold dear. No more factory farms slaughtering millions of animals for endless consumption. No more divisions! We will unify! We have the strength in ourselves and each other. Together we can change the course. We can build a better world on the ashes of this horrendous abomination called society.”

Illusion of freedom to blind a nation
Total control by religious indoctrination
Belief in a god is a game for a fool
Rivers of blood shed over religious rule

In mad conquest for pedestals of power
Little hope left as we approach the final hour
The sixth extinction just over the horizon
Rising tides the earth’s final siren

Forced onto a perpetual course
Of something that should never be
An endless secession of workers
Desperately yearning to break free
Yet we all still obediently follow
And willingly drink from their cup of lies
So ready to compromise our beliefs
For the false promise of a better life

Prosper or suffer work just to eat
Evictions foreclosures life on the streets
Paycheck to paycheck trying to get by
Piss on their wealth I just want to survive

We are the ones that hold the true power
It's always been within our grasp
We could storm their castles and boardrooms
The bosses would tremble underneath of our wrath
But we are too easily divided
Stabbing each other in the back
Poor and hungry we will never know unity
As long as we are forced to survive off the scrapes

Once strong and youthful
Out bodies give way to the years of misuse
The scars of labor are bared by the poor
On broken backs that have suffered through years of abuse
Yet we still look into the mirror
And watch ourselves die a little each day
Questioning all of the lost time
How much of our lives did we trade for a wage

After years of exertion have taken their toll
Our bodies grow feeble and our minds grow old
We will get nothing back for the life that they stole
But a kick in the ass as we're thrown out in the cold

After all that they have taken
All the lost years we will never have back
After all we have sacrificed
We are thrown aside to fall through the cracks
Yet we still swear allegiance
And continue to do what we have always been told
Bowing our heads and bending our knee
To a system that represents everything that's wrong